Saturday, 9 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year~!!!

It's time for the Snakes to rock the world again~ Here's wishing everyone a prosperous CNY~! I'm going out to visit all my relatives over the next few days, and while I'm trying not to fall asleep (a tradition here known literally-translated as guarding against sleep, which is to add longevity in our elders), I thought of updating this blog...

A lot had happened, and I'm currently jobless... But this had in turn given me loads of time to mess around with miniatures... No pictures, as I've lost my macro lens during the New Year clean up mayhem, but I'll post one when I find it~! I made my first miniature furniture! But basically it's like made without measuring anything, and so not to scale~ Super pleased with it though~!

Oh, and another thing! A Little Bit of This and That. is having another international giveaway again~! Super excited! I do hope I win again (If that's not being too greedy :x) I'm so adoring the 2 pumpkin molds right now~ CUTE!!! Look at those molds!!! >.< May this horse be lucky this year!

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