Saturday, 9 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year~!!!

It's time for the Snakes to rock the world again~ Here's wishing everyone a prosperous CNY~! I'm going out to visit all my relatives over the next few days, and while I'm trying not to fall asleep (a tradition here known literally-translated as guarding against sleep, which is to add longevity in our elders), I thought of updating this blog...

A lot had happened, and I'm currently jobless... But this had in turn given me loads of time to mess around with miniatures... No pictures, as I've lost my macro lens during the New Year clean up mayhem, but I'll post one when I find it~! I made my first miniature furniture! But basically it's like made without measuring anything, and so not to scale~ Super pleased with it though~!

Oh, and another thing! A Little Bit of This and That. is having another international giveaway again~! Super excited! I do hope I win again (If that's not being too greedy :x) I'm so adoring the 2 pumpkin molds right now~ CUTE!!! Look at those molds!!! >.< May this horse be lucky this year!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Art Prints

Ever since buying my first print from Asuka Sakumo (Okay, so it's not a purchase, but rather as a free gift for buying her book), I've bought 2 more (in korea, hahaha~), and now I've found a giveaway on prints~!

Art Giveaway: Two 8x10 Prints by The Wish Forest

I super super love this art style~!!! Anyway, do give support and visit Amalia K.~!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Back from Korea, and Goodies arrived!

Hi~! Haha~ As the title says, I'm back!

And while abroad, these goodies arrived~!!!

WHOOOOOO~! Time to play~!!!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Updates, and Giveaways won! =D

Oh my god! AHHHHHHH! I swear, I've been super lucky last two weeks~!!!  So sorry for the long hiatus in posting, so here's a super long one to make it up to anyone who's reading~ =)

Two giveaways won! WHOOOOT~!!!!!    \ o /

First, there's Wendy Coffman's giveaway that I've blogged before~!

It'll be my first ever stamp set that can go onto acrylic block~ My own sets are all traditional wooden pieces with the stamp permanently attached~ Whoooo~!!!! Haha~ Waiting eagerly for it to arrive~!!!! Whoooo~!!!!!!!!!!

Next is this~! Amanda's monthly giveaway~!! Like, OH MY GOD! 

I still can't believe I manage to win these supplies~ I've also never tried using a hot glue gun, in fact, I'm going to buy my first ever hot glue gun when these arrive~~~ I'm just so super excited~~~~~~!

Also, another event that happened last week is my mum and sister's birthday~ This year my sister didn't want a cake, so my youngest sister and I were having some problems thinking of how we were going to celebrate it... In the end, this is what we substituted for the cake:

I went and bought 4 waffles, and then put in different flavored jams~! So, it's a blueberry, cream cheese and strawberry waffle cake~! I think it's a great substitute to cake for us, because we don't really like the cream on cakes... Also, waffles aren't that sweet. Haha~

Right, back to miniatures~

I've visited the Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention on Saturday~! Basically, I wanted to go because of an expert miniturist~! Asuka Sakumo was launching her book at the event~! And.... Tadah!!!

I was one of the first 10 to pick up the book, so I received a complimentary poster and 2 postcards~! I love purple, and the poster is so super pretty~! I love that illustration style, and the postcard on the right? It was drawn onto a dictionary page. I love that the witch was drawn with her head right next to the word Witch. Super cute~!!! Also, I discovered another free gift in my bag~! It was inside the plastic bag, and she gave it to me without mentioning it~! A set of 3 christmassy minis~! Thank you so much~!

The book (I've read it on the train home :x Couldn't wait till I reach home.) is awesome. I love how easy it was to understand, and how clear she made each step was with her pictures, and still leave room for us to experiment~~~

Right, so updates are done~! I'll be vacationing in Korea for the next two weeks, and I hear there's a miniature museum in Insadong (which I'll be visiting) so, the next post would probably be on that~~~ And for a small update on what I made, here are some pictures~

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Book making~!

저는 배댈입니다~
저는 스무두살입니다~

Right, hahaha~ Was practicing my Korean... Anyway, back to crafts~ I found yet another pin on pinterest that I'd wanted to try, and had it bookmarked, and I tried it over the weekend...

This time, the source is here!

On to the pictures~!

 I made 2 books, the black one has a felt cover, and is my first trial... I think because of the felt, the cover feels stiffer, and more "hardcover-like"... The pink one was made for my cousin because she saw the black one and made a fuss about wanting one... This was cotton fabric over the same type of cardboard backing, but it feels kinda flimsy and thin... Anyway, she likes that it's not hard, so lucky for me~ Haha~

Saturday, 18 August 2012


I've been collecting stamps for a while, and since finding out about Taobao, my collection had increased tri-fold... And through Pinterest, I've discovered that there's such a thing as Alcohol Markers! I think that it sounds a bit like Copic markers, but not sure if they are the same... And.... Here's another great site that is hosting a giveaway.

Stamping Rules is a great site, and I've found it through a pin. Also, like the name states, it's all about stamps! But it's full of awesome terms that I don't fully understand, lol~ Oh well~!

Anyway~~~~~ There's a giveaway on the site, so do go take a look~!

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Awesome Stuff Found!!!!

Hahaha~ Ok, I'm slow, but only now have I found the purpose of PINTEREST! Despite having to use it for work before, I didn't see the point of all those pins, and treat it just like a place to bookmark stuff with pictures, but now that I found the Categories... OMG!!!!

Right, so I found a couple of things that I'd like to try, and this is the first one!

Awesome fun with surprisingly little items required.

And... Here are my photos~~~!!